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Yogurt Cheese

I make a lot of yogurt, it is great but at the end of the week if I have yogurt left over I like to make it into cheese. Yogurt cheese is more flavorful than cream cheese, it has a bit of a tang to it. Excellent with fruit for a desert, or into cakes and dips. Alone I prefer hard cheeses.

I have never understood why people try to make cheesemaking so mysterious. Simply stated, you take your yogurt and run it through a cheesecloth overnight. That is it. It will drain without any weight and make a nice soft cheese. I put it in a clean jar and then in fridge.

Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Oct 1 2015 to Dec 31 2015 Session

Our new session begins in just a few weeks. Please remember to pay your herdshare fees if you are getting milk. If you are interested in delivery, we do have a member who is willing to deliver to your house for a small fee. Contact me and I will get you in contact with her. Weed delivery to Kathy’s house will switch to Thursdays after Oct 1, and a donation box for Kathy’s electricity use should be handled by a member? Elizabeth will have a jar for delivery fees to be placed in.

Jars: you will need 6 jars for every gallon of milk you want to receive. Two will be for your recent milk, two will be left at Kathy’s and two will be taken weekly to the milk room when the delivery is made Thurs (most likely evenings). I am sorry about all the confusion however this seems like it will resolve the jar shortage problems. Solano’s building supply in Weed has half gallon canning jars for sale at $12.99 a case. Please put your name on lids and jars with permanent ink or fingernail polish.