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Years ago I suffered so badly from asthma I was on drugs, nebulizer treatments and my eyes swelled so badly that I had trouble seeing. My daughter had a bad rash for 12 years that doctors could not clear. I went to an allergist and was diagnosed with multiple allergies including cow milk. I had been milking cows for 20 years; but my children all had cow milk allergies so i quit. Then my daughter found a jersey cow named Ellie Mae.


I loved milking a cow again; and could not resist trying it. To my surprise non of us had trouble with it; and after several weeks my asthma disappeared and my daughter’s rash disappeared. I did some research and testing and found she was A2A2; very rare. While milking my cow I had neighbors beg for the milk; infants with GERD, FTT and mom’s with celiac, dad’s with memories of growing up on cow’s milk. We got together and agreed on a way they could milk for their own families! This has grown until we have over 100 families all helping; I run the trainings and care for the cattle while other families milk. Since so many of us have extreme health issues I needed to make the milk as safe as possible, pour and store in glass jars only, feed only grass and test our milk weekly.

raw milk

Our results have been astoundingly clean milk tests, unusually healthy A2A2 cows that are turned on pasture 24/7 and a humane, cow-friendly milking parlor that has cow owners all over the world studying our techniques.


We want families to feel the farm experience, show their kids how to collect eggs, feed a baby calf, pet the cow that gives them milk and breathe the farm fresh air, but always in our mind is that families need a safe, clean source of raw milk from constantly tested cows and equipment.

And what do our customers say?

“My husband would have stomach issues with store bought processed milk and can enjoy milk again with our raw milk from CFF”

“I don’t have a problem, but I prefer milk raw, it’s fresher and healthier, more like mother’s milk, it’s a live food. I crave it when I don’t have it.  ”

“We cannot buy organic RAW kefir in any store that I know of and it makes me “feel good” to make smoothies, ferment flour/grains (GF) and just drink it!”
“It matters to me where the milk comes from, I like to know the people and the cows personally. I’d like to know what the cows eat and how they are treated. I prefer the feed to be organic and GMO free”

“I love that it is clean, fresh, in glass bottles and that I milk the cows!”

” I love knowing exactly where and who it coms from (cows included) and that I receive it the very day the cows are milked.”

“Having access to raw milk raises the quality of life. I’d rather support a farmer in the neighborhood than an agricultural corporation and I am not contributing to the plastic soup in the Pacific, because I am reusing my glass jars.”

In the Milk Room we sell eggs, grass finished meat and other member items like goat milk soap, honey and pork

Free Range Egg Project
Free Range Egg Project




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