Lemon Cheese

This is the best cheese to start with if you have never made cheese before. You will need:

1 large stainless steel pot

1/2 gallon of raw milk, full fat

1 lemon

cheese cloth

slotted spoon

Most of this you will have lying around. It will only take about an hour to make this cheese, and another 1-2 hours to drain.

Place all utensils in your pot and add enough water to cover, boil for about 10 minutes. The reason is that we do not want to contaminate our cheese. Even the cheese cloth should be boiled.

Add your milk to the sterile pot, put this pot in a sink of very hot water. If you use a thermometer, make sure it is kept in the water not the milk, again we do not want to contaminate our cheese.

Heat the milk to about 100 degrees, cut your lemon and put a drop of the lemon juice in the milk. If it starts coagulating immediately the temperature is right, if not, heat a little higher. Many things affect the proper temperature of the milk, but I won’t go into that now.

Once you see the milk begin to make small globs of cheese, add the rest of the lemon juice from your lemon and stir very slowly to mix the juice and milk. The milk will coagulate and make small curds and whey. Once it has evenly done this, you can pour the curds and whey into your sterile cheese cloth lining a large colander. You will need to scrap the cheesecloth often with your slotted spoon so it does not block the holes in the cloth. Once all of your curds are in the cloth, tie off the top and hang it over a bowl of sink to finish draining. You want a nice soft ball of cheese to form.

Lemon Cheese is a desert cheese and is wonderful eaten fresh on apple slices. It can also be used in a cheesecake recipe to make a nice lemony flavored cheesecake.