Moneymaker Meat Goats

cominhome-283x182Our main pastures were high alpine meadow grasses that are not irrigated. The grass was good until June and then dried up, so we had to get our kids up to harvest weights in under 5 months.

We imported some Boer goats, but their kids could not be ready to wean before 8 months of age.

We tried Kiko’s, Fainting goats and Spanish Goats; but none could wean twin kids in under 5 or 6 months. We knew we needed to create of a new breed of Meat Goat.  Our goal was a goat that would produce for us twin kids at 5 months and over 65 lbs, to be weaned straight to harvest without supplements. These kids would be milk fat off moms that were able to kid without assistance and freshen at one year with twins. We wanted to raise them as we had beef, with very little assistance and no jugging. We wanted hybrid vigor; and looked at several breeds. The Boer goat, while popular did not milk enough to produce twins at over 65 pounds and under 5 months of age. The Nubian produced well but needed more substance and meat. We decided on an old line of Saanan milk goats, bred to a huge Nubian buck we found and those F2 goats started our Moneymaker line. We bred them to a  huge imported Boer buck for our F3’s. Breeding back and forth we liked the 25% Boer, 75% Saa-nubian does and a terminal Boer for our best crosses.

Surprisingly, we found we had produced another benefit; a few of our does had FOUR quarters and our does consistently produced triplets. This solved our problem of having to pull off triplets and raise them as bummers; because few of our does could get triplets to 65 lbs at 5 months. Now we found our kids getting up to weight in 4 to five months. These four quartered does are extremely rare and in 2015 we choose to exclusively breed for this quality.

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