Tested Family Milk Cows For Sale

Our Family milk cows and heifers are ALL tested by UBRL for Johne’s, BLV, BVD-PI, Q Fever and Brucellosis. All have BANGS tags and tested, vet checked and TB tested if fresh. UC Davis tests for casein. Our cows are bred once a year to produce A2A2 milk for our members so we only occasionally have heifers available.

Agnus: 3 year old experienced milk cow (hold)

bred to: Brogdan

$2500. We will wait until after she is confirmed bred. Halter broke, gentle and great for kids. Reason for sale: only gives 2 gallons a day


Agnus BLV

608 BVD bull, Moo, Barr, agnus, hazel

Agnus Q fever

Agnus Bruc report neg

Agnus Johne’s

Honey: 2 year old Jersey

Bred to Red Angus bull 6-26-2020 (hold)

Honey is a daughter of Antero and out of a cow by the name of Ethel.

First lactation and averaging 2.5 gallons a day. She does NOT like children.  $2500 confirmed bred to a red Angus bull. Good to machine milk or hand milk. 


all of her tests are negative. I will sell with hard copies.  All of our cows are A2A2 and I have the UC Davis hard copies. I also have all the mastitis tests. 

We have a waiting list on our tested heifers and cows. Contact us if you would like to be on it. Our cowsand bred heifers are priced at $3000, heifers may be a little less. Our bred heifers come confirmed bred with hard copy tests for Q fever, BLV, BVD, Johne’s and Brucellosis.  Email me to get on the list for these cows.  We have bred them to angus or Guernseys because we prefer the crosses for our grass only fed cows.


Peso: $1,000 until bred (hold)

Penny daughter by a Murray Gray/Angus sire photo below. 
Dunn/Penny 3/8Jersey,1/8Shorthorn,3/4Angus 1/15/2020

Peggy Sue: $1,000 until confirmed bred (hold)

Agnus daughter by our Murray Gray/Angus bull photo below. DOB 03/13/2020

all cows/heifers marked (hold) have been spoken for but not paid for. contact me closer to sale date to find out if still available.

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