Family Milk Cows

The basis of our cow herd is to bring back the genetics of the family cow that was able to provide an entire neighborhood with milk, cream, yogurt and cheese on grass alone.


0518150755This is Gallant Bess, A2A2 half New Zealand Friesian genetics and half Jersey. She is 7 years old and producing 8 gallons a day on pasture and organic grass and grass/alfalfa pellets. Her daughter, Lola, on her first freshening is at 5 gallons per day!  Bess’s milk is buttery and rich it has high yields when we make our cheeses.


Lola is on her second freshening returning extremely clean, high fat milk. Her sire is a Normandy/Jersey cross bull we raised on the ranch. She came fresh this year with 7 gallons of milk! She is bred back to the bull Dunny. He is a Dun colored Angus/Shorthorn cross bull. 


Purebred Jersey first freshener; Agnus is a gentle girl that is the favorite of most of our milkers. Her sire is Terrific, a New Zealand Jersey bull. She comes from Free Hand Herdshare in CA. She is bred to an Angus bull to keep our grass fed only milk line going.


Penny is an Angus/Jersey cross cow. 6years old we have had most of her life. Her life is very rich and creamy. We breed her AI for heifer calves every year. She is A2A2 like all of our cows. That is a heat detection tag on her back so we can tell when to breed her. Her daughter Nickle is our first Guernsey cross heifer.

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