Family Milk Cows

The basis of our cow herd is to bring back the genetics of the family cow that was able to provide an entire neighborhood with milk, cream, yogurt and cheese on grass alone.

0518150755This is Gallant Bess, A2A2 half New Zealand Friesian genetics and half Jersey. She is 7 years old and producing 8 gallons a day on pasture and organic grass and grass/alfalfa pellets. Her daughter, Lola, on her first freshening is at 5 gallons per day! Second daughter Mo (3/4 Jersey and 1/4 NZ Friesian) is due this fall for our next generation of A2A2 milk cow. Bess’s milk is buttery and rich it has high yields when we make our cheeses.

MOODONNA:   $1500  sold

Jersey and Lowline cross first calf heifer due in Nov. She is halter broke and gentle. She is tested negative for Johne’s, BLV, BVD, Q fever. She is confirmed bred. You can see her next to a heifer two months younger. She is 39″ at the hip at the time of this writing, June 2018. She is due Nov 9th. Reason for selling, too short for our stanchion.

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