Farm Updates and BEEF sales

We have a few gallon openings in our July 2020 milk subscriptions. contact me to be added to our subscriptions. I know you have been dying to tell your friends about our wonderful milk and helpful delivery system. Why not do it today?

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Be sure to check for availability as these do change quickly

goat milk

Our raw milk sessions begin on Jan 1, Apr 1, July 1 and Oct 1. A guaranteed subscription is $150 for 13 weeks of 1 gal fresh raw milk, from A2A2 organically fed and pastured cows. Our members are required to help care for the cows by attending a minimum of 1 workday a year plus the one annual meeting. Annual dues of $24 a year for all  projects on the farm.

jersey in field

Herdshare owners buy an interest in the milk cow herd for $40 for the lifetime of the herdshare. You lease the cows with other shareholders. Bi-annually or quarterly board and care is collected for a shared interest in the milk produced and is estimated by the gallon for guaranteed milk once a week. All costs of the cows are shared among the herdshare owners.

We do NOT sell milk by the gallon.

Meat for Sale

Goat meat stix $3 each

Our grass finished USDA hamburger is available at $6 a pound.

Grass finished steaks, roasts are available at 1/2      1/4      or 1/8 boxed frozen. We harvest the beef and pay the harvest fees.  All our beef is harvested in July at the peak of the grass season for the highest Omega three and CLA available. You pay for the hanging weight of your beef and pay for the cut and wrap of your beef only. You decide if you want the bones, liver, etc and you pay for what you actually get. The final number will be the actual costs and must be paid before pickup. 

2020 sold out, 2021 available for presale in the fall. We are looking at an organic cow for hamburger for our members. Chickens are available at $25 a bird.

Contact me at to sign up, it goes very fast. We are generally sold out by Oct for the next summer’s meat.  We are no longer using PayPal because of the 3% over cost, just send your check in with your return bottles.

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