Farm Shares

Copeland Family Farm is a place for you and your family to experience farm life. Feed a baby calf…Dustyhuggingcalf

raw milkSubscribe to our Herdshare program and collect fresh milk once a week right from our milk room!

eggsCollect eggs right from the nests

butter 012We teach you how to make your own butter…

raw milk cheeseAnd cheese!


Our farm is run like a farm from the turn of the century; adding new animals with as natural as possible selection. During the spring and fall our egg supply is lower because our hens will go broody. We keep the pullets to get a natural increase in our flock, only harvesting our young roosters.

JupiterCalves born on the farm are raised here for future Heritage Family Milk cows or beef. All of our naturally raised beef is shared among our membership. Our steers are two to three years old when we harvest them, and harvested right off the grass in June or July when the grass is strongest in our county. We do not grain feed our cows or steers.

cominhome-283x182While most of our goats are bought by a local butchery, we do harvest a few milk fat kids for our members. We also make an Andouille Sausage and ground goat meat for our members as well as our famous goat stix.


  1. Herdshare Membership fee, paid once per family for the duration of the herdshare:                                                                                                    $40
  2. Farmshare Membership dues per family paid yearly                $24
  3. Milk is paid quarterly 13 weeks of one gallon week                 $148
  4. 13 weeks at 1/2 gallon week                                                             $75

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