Egg Project

Mother_hen_with_chicks02Our chicken leader is young Cheyenne

The bird tractor has to be moved, too many speeding teenagers have killed poor Cheyenne’s hens.

She turns her hens out daily to scratch around the farm and get the bugs and greens that makes up the vast majority of their diet. A Cocoa Maran Rooster rules the roost, and you will hear him calling out from early morning sunrise, telling us it is time to wake and start on chores! The small chicken tractor houses the nest box.  Hens left free to roam often go broody, so you will often see hens with chicks running free on the farm.

When you come to the farm be sure to check for FREE eggs, if you find them and you can take them home, not much fresher than that! We have two sets of nest boxes, and Cheyenne collects eggs twice a day. At night Cheyenne throws some organic scratch to the chicks to get them back into the protection of the chicken tractor. The grain is the same non-GMO barley we feed the pigs. Organic chicken scratch, oyster shell and grit are the only other things we give the chickens; but believe me they find lot’s to eat around here!

eggsPlease bring your own egg cartons. We never wash the eggs, dirty eggs are fed to the pigs or hens. Washing the eggs shortens the life of the egg and allows for bacteria to get inside the egg shell. We do allow non tax deductible donations for Cheyenne’s egg project to help her pay for the chicken tractor and equipment. Eggs that Cheyenne collects are $4.00/ dozen.


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