Mount Shasta Farmer’s Market and Harvest Connection Deliveries

Mount Shasta Delivery Options beginning Jan 1, 2018

Deliveries will only be made when there are orders on this site. I will not be there if there are no orders.

Here is what I do:

I will send an email to the Subscriber List when I have products available.

Here is what YOU do:

  1. Join the farmshare and pay your shares for cattle ($40) and yearly dues ($24).
  2. Fill our the farmshare form here or at delivery site.
  3. Click on what you want and pay for it on this page.
  4. Contact me directly by email  at to let me know you ordered

I will deliver your pre-ordered products directly to you each Monday between the hours of 12PM-1PM. The pick up location is currently held at Spring Hill Nursery, at the  entrance of Mount Shasta City Park.

A small delivery fee is added to these products so no extra delivery fee is needed.

All cheese, yogurt and kefir will be made with YOUR milk. YOU MUST be an owner in the dairy cow herd to receive any milk  products at all. Membership forms will be available at the delivery site. You pay for the care and handling of the cattle and the milk and cultures for the yogurts/kefir and cheese only. WE DO NOT SELL MILK BY THE GALLON, WE TAKE CARE OF YOUR COWS and I make products using YOUR milk.

YOU MUST sign and return this form before we can deliver any milk

CFF Farm Share agreement

You must read and understand the dangers of raw milk here


You must pay this fee first, this gives you an undivided interest in the dairy herd.

Join the Farmshare:  One time fee of $40

Cow Care fees: For those who want only the occational jar of milk from their cows, we now offer a full year Cow Care Board fee of $120. You wiil get 14 vouchers with your payment, good for one jar of milk per voucher. You will also need to become a member first, (see above) before you can recieve any milk. You may also receive free vouchers for work done on the farm to care for the cows; contact me for details.


USDA Grass Finished Ground Beef: $12/ 2 lb package

Payment Options

How many of your As Available Milk jars would you like me to bring? One voucher per jar.  Send me an email to and let me know how many to bring. Pay with the cow care button above.

One quart of kefir with grains $7 per quart. You add your own berries or fruit for this delicious smoothie!



Yearly dues are $24 pay here