Tested Family Milk Cows For Sale

Our Family milk cows and heifers are ALL tested by Animal Profiling International for Johne’s, BLV, BVD-PI, and Neospora. All have BANGS tags and tested, vet checked and TB tested if fresh. UC Davis tests for casein. Our cows are bred once a year to produce A2A2 milk for our members so we only occasionally have heifers available.


Minnie $500 :  Minnie is a young Jersey Lowline  heifer . She was born on April 7, 2017. She is NOT a freemartin. She shows a very nice little udder which means she should be a high producer. She will be very small, and she has been handled and gentled as a young calf, but I snot halter broke. Minnie will make a very nice little cow for a homestead family that wants just enough high butterfat milk for their own family. 

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