Family Milk Cows

The basis of our cow herd is to bring back the genetics of the family cow that was able to provide an entire neighborhood with milk, cream, yogurt and cheese on grass alone.

0518150755This is Gallant Bess, A2A2 half New Zealand Friesian genetics and half New Zealand Jersey. She is 3 years old and producing 5.5 gallons a day on organic grass and grass/alfalfa pellets. Her daughter, Lola, will be bred this fall for our next generation of A2A2 milk cow. Bess’s milk is buttery and rich it has high yields when we make our cheeses.

Holly just had a bull calf. She is 3/4 Jersey and 1/4 Canadian Jersey. She is fresh at 4.5 gallons a day. A typical Jersey, she has high butterfat, rich milk.

This is the girls going out on organic pasture, Penny is the black cow in the back. Penny is photo shy but people friendly! Penny is bred to a Normande bull for cheesemaking genetics. Normande’s are high in milk proteins. Like all our cows she is A2A2.


Annie is A2A2 half Swedish Red and half red Angus.  We bred this cross to quickly jump away from commercial diary genetics and into grass fed genetics.  She is fresh on grass alone at 8 gallons a day this year. Annie’s milk is very yellow, showing the high omega threes.  Annie’s heifer Nelly Belle will be kept for our next generation, and has a Normande/Jersey sire “Norman” This is Annie when little with our daughter training her.



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