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How Can My Family Join?

It’s easy! Come to the farm at 1912 Timmons Road in Grenada, CA and take a free tour, then sign up; or print the membership form below and pay your fees! Drop off your clean 1/2 gallons canning jars and you may start collecting your milk and eggs that week! Want to sell through the store? Non tax items only and no charge.

How can a Farmshare help you?

Our new all member built milk room is completed to FDA standards!

new jar shelfLeave your clean jars on your shelf, milkers will fill them with your A2A2 milk on your day.

our members are our project leaders

LucyBeef: Colleen Prather beef in March. Copeland’s for grass finished beef in July, Arend for 1/2 beef (grass fed) in Nov. $6 a lb for ground beef, $10 a lb for steaks and roasts in milk room now.

Pork: Dusty  our pigs will be here on the 29th, $100 down payment for 1/2 hog. Share of cost to be paid prior to harvest.

eggsEggs: Cheyenne   $3.50 carton in milk room, free to paid up members who come to the farm and collect their own.

turkeypoultry: heritage turkey: Maritza       organic fed, local naturally (not from a hatchery) raised corn free and soy free,  share of cost and harvested around Thanksgiving. Sign up in milk room now, only 6 left!

honeyHoney: Arend  In Milk room $16 a quart. Star thistle mostly, good for local allergies.


scale_251_251;donotenlarge[1]Chevon: Dusty in milk room freezer $6 a lb. We harvest in summer and around Thanksgiving. $250 for a whole goat, or buy the pound

milking a goatGoat Milk:  by order $5 a half gallon with your jar, September will be the last of the goat milk this year.

veggiesVegetables: Veda from Jefferson Growers Assoc.

$26 a week in the milk room with Wed night delivery.  Huge bag.

duck-eggs-vs-chicken-eggsDuck Eggs: Illana $6 a half dozen in milk room fridge

So bring your family to join a new movement of families going back to the farm, fulfilling the dreams for their children of “living’ on the farm and taking control of their food and how it is produced! NO GMO’s, NO plastic, and NO antibiotics used in the production of our food!

Fill in this form and sign up today and begin getting your free recipes.

SFFC Herdshare subscriber agreement

Yearly Dues


 Herdshare fees, to own one  undivided interest in the leased dairy herd $40 for the lifetime of the herdshare. It is like buying your own cow or goat so you can drink the milk .

Subscriptions available, begin Jan 1, April 1, July 1 and Oct 1

gallons of milk for13 week session





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