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Herdshares all over the world are now using our organic techniques and the  unique design for our milking parlor.

                                            Raised Cow Stanchion

We joined the Raw Milk Institute and the  California Herdshare Association, watched videos and brought in experts to help us all learn the best techniques for obtaining clean raw milk for human consumption. As a member owner you may access milk from the cows that you co-lease. Herdshare Members share together in the care and keeping costs of their cows equitably, based on usage. The more milk you use, the more you pay.

How Can My Family Join?

It’s easy! Come to the farm at 1912 Timmons Road in Grenada, CA and sign up, or print the membership form below and pay your fees! Drop off your clean 1/2 gallons canning jars and you may start collecting your milk that week!

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Our new all member built milk room is completed to FDA standards!

new jar shelf

our members are our project leaders

LucyBeef: Colleen Frank

Pork: Luke Sanders

eggsEggs: Cheyenne Copeland

AzureStandard Wholesale account: Kathy Michelon

So bring your family to join a new movement of families going back to the farm, fulfilling the dreams for their children of “living’ on the farm and taking control of their food and how it is produced! NO GMO’s, NO plastic, and NO antibiotics used in the production of our food!

Fill in this form and sign up today and begin getting your free recipes.

SFFC Herdshare subscriber agreement




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