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Copeland Family Farms Moneymaker Meat Goats and Heritage Family Milk Cows

Mt Shasta Settled at the base of Mount Shasta in Northern CA, Copeland Family Farms has become an icon in meat goat and heritage family milk cows. copeland christmas 2014 The Copeland Family has been ranching in Siskiyou County since the 1870’s. Bob and Dusty Copeland are the breeders of the Moneymaker Meat Goat and Heritage Family Milk Cows. In 2005 they began a farm share program, letting local families grow their own food on the farm.

Ocean - logo Our Certified American Chevon (TM) is a nationally recognized brand for quality light pink, sweet and milk chevon. We no longer sell goat meat directly through our ranch, but you can find our meats at Belcampo Butcheries!  0518150756Our Heritage Family Milk Cows get away from the grain fed mentality. Get back to the type of cow that settled the ranges in the 1800’s. Dairy cows today have gotten away from grass fed genetics and have become dainty, larger with huge udders. More importantly they can not survive on grass alone and must be fed up to 40 POUNDS of grain every milking. We are breeding back into Freisian, Swedish Red, and the old fashioned Jersey and milking Shorthorn lines. All of our cows are tested yearly for TB, Brucellosis, Johne’s, Neospora and BLV. We test monthly for mastitis and SPC.

We have several Family Milk Cows and heifers for sale frequently. Most are halter broke, all are gentle and hand raised.

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    1. We do not post our address or phone numbers on line anymore. We are a working farm with young children and prefer to answer through this medium or through our email address Thank you for understanding.

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