Homesteaders Cheese and Butter Class

Susan Bischoff and I will be hosting a cheesemaking class on June 25th.  We will demonstrate good and bad sour milk, how to make Kefir, butter and cream cheese.

We will be providing you with these ingredients:

1 ounce Calcium Chloride (needed with pasteurized milk and goat milk)

butter muslin, 1 yard

5 Packets Buttermilk culture

1 ounce Liquid Rennet 

8 ounces Cheese Salt

YOU will provide 1 gallon whole milk and one pint cream.

The cost will be $25 for each person who makes cheese, no cost for observers. Limit of 12 people.

We will be buying kits for you, and you can make up to 5 total batches of cream cheese.