How to join the Herdshare

We are a community of members who have joined together to give us access to farm fresh milk, eggs, meat etc. Think of it as 60 families working together and buying a couple cows, with members milking the cows and caring for the livestock, and driving out to the farm once a week to pick up their farm fresh food and milk. Part of all members dues pay for feed for chickens; so eggs are free when you collect them yourself!

  1. Undivided interest in the dairy herd for the lifetime of herdshare                              $40  once
  2. Annual dues of                                                                                                               $25/ year
  3. 13 weeks of one gallon of fresh milk                                                                     $138/quarter
  4. Optional delivery charge                                                                                            $39/quarter

How to become a Herdshare Member

To become a herdshare member you MUST live close enough to the farm to participate in care and pick up your milk weekly. First you must fill in the form below and pay your fees, drop off a copy of your form to be kept on file at the Copeland Family Farm office:

CFF Farm Share agreement

You MUST print and sign a copy of the herdshare agreement prior to getting any milk.

You may pay on-line with PayPal.

No PayPal? No problem. Pay at the farm instead.

3% added for PayPal feesHerdshare Fee of $40, one time payment

raw milkMilk  fees collected every three months: This is the board, feed, vet bills, and the cost to pay an independent member to milk the cows for you. This fee is paid quarterly: 3% added to pay PayPal fees, we pay all PayPal fees on 1.5 gallons or more per week. 

gallons of milk for13 week session

Farm Shares dues,  this pays our yearly fees such as banking, website, media, etc. We are required by CA litigation to charge a “substantial” dues. Due on April 1. $25 for only one item like the azure order, and $50 for all the products availability off the farm;  a yearly fee and prorated for each session.

Yearly Dues Payment options

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