Family Milk Cows

The basis of our cow herd is to bring back the genetics of the family cow that was able to provide an entire neighborhood with milk, cream, yogurt and cheese on grass alone.

0518150755This is Gallant Bess, A2A2 half New Zealand Friesian genetics and half Jersey. She is about 2 years old and producing 3.5 gallons a day on organic alfalfa hay, grass and grass/alfalfa pellets.

0518150756Domino is a 2 year old  A2A2half New Zealand Friesian and half Jersey. She freshened at 5.5 gallons a day again on organic alfalfa hay, grass and grass/alfalfa pellets. These two cows are both under 1,000lbs and full grown. The Friesian is not the same as the US Holstein cow.

DurabelllDiamondstar is an  A2A2  yearling here, but has now freshened at 2 years at 3 gallons a day.

Hattie EllenHattie Ellen is a 5 year old Swedish Red. Hattie Ellen was giving 12 gallons a day when we sold her. We bred her to an Angus bull and kept the resulting A2A2 heifer, Annie.

20151225_105033Annie is A2A2 half Swedish Red and half red Angus. She is due in April of 2016 bred angus. Annie will go into the herdshare program as soon as she freshens and we get all tests results back.

20151225_105155Rosebud is a purebred Milking Shorthorn. She is for sale. She has always been thin and while bright eyed and healthy; we have decided not to breed to her or keep any calves. She prefers to be alone, and will make a good family milk cow but I would suggest cross breeding program.

0508151051Ethel is 15 months in this photo, she is showing an udder although only a month bred. She is 1/4 Dexter and 3/4 Jersey. Small and perhaps mini is size, she will make a great family milk cow! Halter broke, gentle and will come every time we call her. She is for sale for $2,500 and due 2-2-16. We will keep her heifer calf. She is bred to Success; an A2A2 Jersey bull.


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