Pig Project

The Pig Project is headed by Luke and Danielle Sanders.

Now we all love bacon, and fresh pork chops are the best. Bob and I have been raising pigs on the farm for years and we knew this would be one of the best ways to utilize the excess milk, eggs and veggies. We made a make shift pen and raised a couple of hogs in 2014 as a test. They were very delish by the way…

So Luke and Danielle thought they would like to head up the 2015 “Pig Project”. You have to admire Luke’s enthusiasm, he found some old metal forms and brought them out and with a few boards lying around the ranch, he and Bob took a couple of days and built the


20150929_135040 (2)

With their new home in and cozy with straw the girls laid, I headed up north to buy 6 little piggies who went wee wee wee all the way home.

Sept 29th 2015

I finally convinced Danielle that it was HER pig that kept getting out (LOL) so after milking this morning she, Yatang and I worked on the fence and built a new dining table for the hogs who were constantly up ending their dinner.

20150929_135031 (2)

We think we may have solved the overturned water trough problem as well. Pounding 4 t- posts all around the water trough, they still can climb into it!

20150929_135040 (3)

After stringing electric fence around the bottom of the fence panels, we turned it on and turned the piggies back into their boudoir, and they have settled in nicely.


The pipe runs the clean water into the trough.

And oh, did I mention it was three GIRLS that built all this luxury for your pigs?